Popularity Contest 2020 Popularity Poll Results

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The Towniest Townie!

Through grit and tenacity, Luffy fans from across the forum have emerged to bring Luffy to the top. In a similar fashion to many of his battles, Luffy was down at the start, but as the days progressed, he gained more and more votes and defeated the Yonko Whitebeard! This is the one who will become the Pirate King!

Monkey D. Luffy is the Winner of the 2020 Popularity Contest!
He alongside Marco the Phoenix will have a forum theme be created out of them!
Congrats to Luffy and to those who supported him all the way!
Congrats to Marco as well for winning the Mod Theme Poll.​


You let him chain your heart too?
Let's rejoice fellow Luffy fans


Not open for further replies.