Popularity Contest 2020 Popularity Poll [Round 2 - Bracket 2]

VOTE for your FAVORITE character that showed up in Wano this year!

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Get banned, bitch
The top ten most voted characters from Round 1 move onto round 2! Whatever will happen next?! Characters from both of the previous rounds have been mixed together, instead of just the same each time, in order to keep things interesting!

The Winner of Round 1 Bracket 1 is Trafalgar Law at 108 votes! Can he do it again?!

You may vote for up to 3 characters for this round.
Jack is being slept on hard, he's kind of a dorky failure, but like, he's beautiful.

LIke Jack could be getting a handjob from boa hancock and his boss's son Yamato, while listening to classical music, and he'd still be so high intensity hyper stressed, that he'd be still popping blood vessels. He's such a loveable dork, he has no chill, NEVER, no chill at all. It's such a good character gag, one of the best of one piece.
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