Speculations 4th Road Phoneglyph

Speculations since I am bored.

1. Location of 4th Red Phoneglyph.

Current known locations of all 3.
1. Zou
2. BM
3. Wano
This was the case when Roger was travelling too.

It seems Roger already knows about 4th Road Phoneglyphs location or atleast had the Idea(which is correct too).

Refer the one piece map/globe here. Credit: claystage.com

Now lets track Roger Pirates path/navigation, after this.

After mentioning the Road phoneglyphs.

2. Florian Triangle.
3. Some Island
4. Tequila Wolf.
5. Saboady.
6. Fishman Island

New world
7. Raijin Island(one of the first island to which Log Pose points to, and it seems Roger Pirates went there)
8. Some Island where they found a phoneglyph too. Could be Road or Just a Normal one(seems a bit like Green Bit?).
9. Some Island where they rested, or could just be the same island as before.
10. Wano.
We can refer the map to guess which Island it could be. Though I don't think name matters much anyway.
And so there we have it.
Unless Oda skipped some island between Wano and Zou(like elbaf? doubt it)
Important thing to remember is Laugh Tale is not at the end of journey. They to find the coordinates and move to that location. Roger already went to the last location but Laugh Tale is not there. Its location is hidden.

And even SHs need to do the same. Just that since they already know about RPs and all, they don't need to go all the way to the end the lodestar(Redstar?) Island.
They need to figure out the location after finding all the location.

The location of the Unknown 4th Phoneglyph is at a place which SHs either skipped or did not follow through completely.
  1. But story wise, it would be easy for Oda to write it such that its at a future place like Elbaf.
  2. In a way we could say BM knows about it and maybe thats why wants to make alliance with them(probably not since we know its more releated to her dream).
  3. Another mysterious place could be Florian triangle(though I have other ideas for that place)
  4. Captain Jacks Treasure(No because that would mean Roger and buggy found the treasure already)
  5. The unknown island with the RP, there is probably a reason why it is shown but no info given about what it said. Which would mean some island which SHs passed by.
  6. But if oda wants to make it such that SHs don't have to go back, then I would say the 4th RP is moving Or someone has it. Tequila Wolf is also discarded since Robin was present there. Unless she knows about 4th but hasn't told anyone about it.
  7. Odens Journal, through Yamato. Or yamato already knows about it from the book.
When thinking about the story, I feel like RP being at Elbaf is boring, because that would mean its location is not really unknown and is pretty the same as in Zou or wano. I feel SHs already know about the location of 4th or the info they should have from the 4th. Like how Robin also found a 4th one in her childhood etc. It is possible it would trigger someone memory(could be luffy himself maybe) and they could guess the location without even trying to find the 4th one.

Another would be its either on the ship, or a copy is with someone who doesn't realise it. Like how captain john T mark was added to SHs treasure.

And ofcourse we have Odens journal which might give hint as to where it is, through the logs, they could maybe decipher the location in case its something from previous stops and someone could give info on the content itself(not necessarily a SH, maybe Zoro during his timeskip?)

2. Luffy/Rogers Dream

*could lead to other related topic*

Lets look at reactions of the people who learned about rogers and luffy's dream.

WB: Stupid kids dream.(something fairy tale like maybe)
Ace: Whats with that dream.(something fairy tale like maybe)
Sabo: Thinks its a crazy dream.
Oden: Thinks its crazy and is also stunned about someone having that kind of dream.

Lets see what Roger said to Rayliegh when he first met him(even he was laughing)
Rayliegh was thinking about luffy too when this was shown, and said luffy is worthy of wearing this. Even shanks has referred similarly too.

Now lets take Rogers words quite literally.
And then the reactions would actually match. I don't think these are the exact words of their dream but this should give us an Idea of what there dream is about.

We are aware of how One piece's main plot could very well be related to Geography and roger's quote clearly refers to a geographical phenomenon.

This could very well be something where we might see the opposite. Like Buggy taking south and shanks the north.

Lets see how roger thinks he can acheive his goal.
1. Get to final Island to get the treasure.
2. Become the Biggest pirate group(not sure what to think of when it says biggest)
3. And then after that he could achieve his dream.
Though we know one thing, luffy doesn't has the dream like becoming the biggest crew so lets just stick to greatest pirate. Though it seems the underlining theme is they need lot of resources for that.
Note these were before they learned everything about AW's, D, JoyBoys dream etc.
So I would only take the having a lot of resources to be a necessity.

From Story telling, I would say Oda would mix up Luffy's dream and the final plot(I am guessing Joyboy/roger/Luffy all had sae dreams, The first two failed(well roger was unlucky).

Lets see what we have from JoyBoy/Void Century.
1. Fishman Island.
900 years ago, Joy Boy made a promise to FI citizens and Poseidon that he will related to raising to the outside world. How ever JoyBoy could not keep his promise. Later in the form of phoneglyph a apology was given. And FI are still waiting to keep their end of bargain. JoyBoy is probably not human, since he was present 900 years ago and also when phoneglyph was added. Though it is possible people lived long, I think Oda did mention about 140 being the life span of humans. And how Kureha is super human. Though we also have the giant SH, so he could very well be some other species, assuming he is not one of those large size human design wise.

2. And wano too. Oden knows that wano was connected with world and he needs to make sure Its open before Joy Boy appears. The promised time.

Both are hinting at geographical actions.

Lets look at time lines and allegiance to make some things clear with politics maybe.
We have the two categories.
1. People from moon.
2. People from Blue star(one piece earth).

We have two coalitions
1. The Great Ancient Kingdom.(Shandora was part of it or just allied and they are moon people).
2. The 20 Kingdoms which became world government.
There are a total of 6 moons in one piece, it is possible that maybe the 5 elders represented the 5 moons and the birkans were from the 6th moon and they used to fight.
Everyone from the 20 Kingdoms are from Earth. The CD wearing the space suits should make it clear since the ones who lived in moon and came to earth don't need it.(though it is more related to nt breathing same air at this point I guess).
Exception: The Nefertari Family they were part of 20 Kingdoms but they did not become CDs and stayed outside. Also they seem to be protecting the phoneglyphs. So
1. The ancestors were decieved.
2. They acted as spies?

Water 7 and Pluton.
Alabasta probably was the one who helped built pluton in order to defeat AK.Though another thing which could that AK built it as how capable it was technologically due to help from moon people but it was used against them, could be related to Alabasta getting decieved. The blueprints were passed down in order to avoid another Pluton being built...but its the WG who wants them, so its better to assuming AK built it and it was used against them through Alabasta.

So currently we can conlcude that the moon people are not bad guys, and probably wanted to help everyone(FI, Wano etc) And so were allied with JoyBoy. Could be that JoyBoy is also a moon guy.

The moon people came a long time back to earth. Around 1100 years ago Shandora is built and prospered. So we can expect they came atleast before that time.
Void century started at 900 years ago, the same time when JoyBoy made the promise to FI, and most probably at that time Wano was open.

During the void century a great war took place. Probably for a century maybe. Toki who was born during void century did not know much about her family even though they were a Daimiyo, I guess, wano had lost the battle and was already in the process of closing the borders.

Joyboy probably had plans to get the FI to the top. Probably something which would make world upside down. And for that Pluton was built at that time. We know how there are ways to like, he probably wanted to unite every species like Totland maybe, whatever. He failed in doing so, and left something, his treasure at Laugh Tale.

But if the story was as political as I have shown, I don't see why roger would laugh at that. Learning the history would mean learning the true history of the world. They learned, laughed and most probably They did not find treasure but resources to achieve the dream. But they arrived at the wrong time.
Read this which could very well be JoyBoy's inspiration
And this about luffy based on the above article.

Coming back to One piece story. And thinking of what exactly the words could be since all this politics is a seious matter which would solved by SHs/Luffy by following their own dream. Its more of Dragon's place to look into all that stuff.
So we can only focus on JoyBoys/Rogers/Luffy's dream which is something laughable.
Which I think is
but probably something which taken literally seems stupid like what roger said, though as I said from story telling, it is probably related to EOS plot which is a serious matter. Notice how luffy always look up in the sky when he shouts his dream, could be space related too(bring moon/stars down? Though I dont see space related plot during the series at all.
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Update More evidence on Luffy/Rogers dream

Even WB is mentioned about the world will be turned upside down.
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I suspect the following locations as its new site:
  • Ace/WB grave
  • Roger's grave
  • Another giant animal like Zunesha
  • An uninhabited Sky Island
  • Small theoretical location: Nakrowa aka Sniper Island (if it does exist, possibly near Elbaf like Green Bit to Dressrosa)
  • Where Oro Jackson currently docks/where the hatched OJ egg currently resides
Its literally there in the flashback. There are 2 Poneglyphs. When Robin was there, there was only 1. It also was red, you can tell from the greyscale cause its darker

Yes it most probably the road phoneglyph during rogers time, I misread the dialouge as them referring to the JoyBoy one. Assuming that to be the case, then the 4th phoneglyph is either moving around with someone or in Elbaf or som other future destination......... And the person who did move it has to know about the Road Phoneglyph. Maybe it was rogers crew themselves who moved it.