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Which Take is the most Factual?

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Zoro’s closer to Sanji than Luffy in strength. This is just a fact from the manga. Luffy right now is ridiculous. There are very few people in One Piece that can contend with G5 Luffy that we know of.


The only one who can beat me is me
Admirals > MF WB was once upon a time a hot take. Now you're looked at as mentally ill if you think otherwise.

The only real hot take I see here is Sanji > Yamato, the rest of the takes a lot of people believe, some of them enough to be considered the majority.
Hot Takes
a piece of writing or speech, especially on the internet, giving someone's personal opinions about a topic, usually
strong opinions that have not been carefully thought about and that many people are likely to disagree with.

So, the key here is something that many people will disagree with? Since this is WG, anything remotely good about Sanji will be a hot take.
On another note, King definitely not the weakest YC1. Second to last, possible. I can't see Shiryu defeating him.
The only literal canonical information that we have is the first.

Databook saying that Shanks "once had the ability to compete with Mihawk" before losing his arm, Mihawk's Vivre Card saying he "looks forward for the day when someone will surpass Shanks" and in the manga Mihawk saying on two occasions that he "has no interest in fighting Shanks".