Versus Battle 6th Tail Kyuubi Naruto vs. Pein w/o Tendou

6th Tail Kyuubi Naruto vs. Pein w/o Tendou

  • 6th Tail Kyuubi Naruto - mid diff

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  • 6th Tail Kyuubi Naruto - high-extreme diff

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  • Pein w/o Tendou - mid diff

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  • Pein w/o Tendou - high-extreme diff

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  • Either way

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Was just wondering about this match up out of boredom. I think it's interesting, since it's basically one brute machine vs. 5 individually endlessly weaker guys with a very wide moveset & many combo options. So, what's you opinion on



Personally, I'm with Naruto on this one. Kyuubi is really OP.

Hype-wise, only 4 Tails were displayed as lethal threat to Jiraiya (although Jiraiya obviously wouldn't fight w/ killing intent vs. Naruto). Feat-wise, even 4th Tail Naruto is an absolute machine. Creating massive chakra limbs that combust on contact [X], brute strength that creates massive shockwaves on a single strike [X], and not to mention Bijuu Dama. Now, with 6th Tail, brute strength is even enough to deflect a charged Shinra Tensei, speed is drastically increased as we know from Bee, and Bijuu Dama can be used near instantly. [X,X] Not to mention defense, where even 4th Tail was unharmed by Kusanagi and took a smash into the ground like nothing. [X] And since it's Kyuubi's mind taking over, it's not like he's mindless or stupid, either. On top of all that, he might even be able to spawn clones. [X]

I mean, in theory, Gakidou can absorb everything except shockwaves, but Kyuubi is definitely fast & brutal enough to bypass Gakidou. Kuchiyose beasts are trashed by brute strength or Bijuu Dama, Shuradou explosives shouldn't deal much damage, Jigokudou is offensively useless. Only chance Pein has is to score a surprise Ningendou soulgrab, perhaps using the Chameleon. But for that to happen isn't guaranteed when Kyuubi is bloodlusted & out for the kill. Damn, Kyuubi no Koromo was such a beast mode, it really hypes me thinking of it.

Your opinions? Any Nagato fanboys disagreeing? Jk