A "clean" Chrollo vs Hisoka

We already had the battle but Chrollo was well prepared: had set the ideal situation and also abilities beforehand (situation: crowded place where he could hide, copy people to send at Hisoka and use sun and moon, even the speaker to tell everybody "break Hisoka" etc. abilities: he borrowed the best abilities for this scenario aka Shalnark's and Kurotopi's) while Hisoka was dumbfounded, he played in his hand all the time and was pretty much lowdiffed. In the end Chrollo won because he used his brain while Hisoka simply expected to have a normal fight or was cocky enough to believe he could chew everything Chrollo threw at him.

But what if nobody was prepared beforehand? Let's make a scenario.

At the end of York Shin arc Kurapika releases Chrollo and Hisoka goes with him but he also decides to remove his chain from Chrollo in order to have them fight to the end and return the favors Hisoka has done to him through the whole arc (and maybe also wait for the fight to end and see if Chrollo come out as the winner chain him again)(also it could have also made sense that Hisoka simply asked Kurapika to do this at that time and then rechain Chrollo if he won but probably that would have been too dangerous).

What would have happened? The conditions are exactly the same: rocky cliffs in a barren area, they start about 30 meters from each other. Pakunoda can not help cause of Kurapika. Also let's say Kurapika didn't brat Chrollo before the fight.
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Well, at first I'd have to disagree that Hisoka was low-diffed. Chrollo had to go to great lengths with his abilities and was surprised by Hisoka handling the situation multiple times. And secondly, I don't think Hisoka expected a normal fight. In a sense, it was a fair fight, because Chrollo explained all of his used abilities to Hisoka so he had a chance to react to and counter them. Hisoka was enjoying himself throughout, it was the all-out-battle he desired, although with the wrong outcome.

That being said, in this scenario, I cannot see Chrollo winning. Hisoka is a much better hand-to-hand-combatant, and we haven't seen many abilities he had at that point that might be lethal to Hisoka. Indoor Fish would be a different story, but that won't work here.

I mean, there's a reason Chrollo ran through half the continent to collect abilities he felt he needed to safely kill Hisoka.
Well, Chrollo has to do almost all the work before the match started aka plan what to do, get the abilities he needed from Shalnark and Kortopi and then tie all perfectly with the arena he choosed for the fight. At that point he knew he just had to execute the plan. Sure he even praised Hisoka for bringing him that far but everything went according to his plan. And Hisoka was fine with it until he died and we can say that since when he come back he was already planning for the rematch but not with the same conditions aka he enjoyed the fight and all but also he wanted to win (and not be played as a fool). Also the fact he immediately killed Shal and Kurotopi must mean he was not so happy (be it for the outcome of the fight or because Chrollo played with him).

About the fight I don't really know even if I made the thread, let's say this is to see for opinions. I agree that Chrollo had to run half the continent to plan the fight beforehand but that is also because he wanted to play safe and indeed have a pretty sure win by just following his perfect plan. If they had to fight without prep Hisoka has a lot of cards up his sleeves but on the other hand we have never seen Chrollo go all out (or because there was not the need or because Kurapika didn't even give him the chance). Also there was that moment when Hisoka was betting his life to make the spider stay in York shin city so that he could fight Chrollo by revealing he "was forced" by the chain user to reveal Obovgin abilities along with the ones of other spiders, at that point Nobunaga jumped at him with the intention to kill him and Hisoka was on guard as well but Chrollo interrupted the match before it started by teleporting(?) Nobunaga without Nobunaga or Hisoka realizing anything (but that was also a ton of time before the arena fight, maybe Togashi rethink some abilities Chrollo could have like this one).


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Chrollo high diffs him. Hisoka is a monster, but Chrollo could keep up with Zeno and Silva with no prep. And probably would've killed Zeno....

I don't know what Hatsu's Chrollo would have to use. But yh I don't think Hisoka has it in him to defeat Chrollo. He was fapping to how skilled Chrollo was in CQC.

However Post Death Hisoka, with his Bungee Gum Prosthetics should push him to extreme diff or may even win. But I don't think we'll ever see them fight since I see Hisoka fighting Tserriednich.
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