[FNZ] Role Madness A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Mafia Game Thread

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he had like 15 votes on him and it took 1.5 IRL days for him to cough it up.
I mainly believed him because of how main the character he claimed was but now people are telling me that mafia got fake claims and I am trying to say that character is too main to be a fake claim
how fast did those votes pile up and were there some that seemed sus

has someone tried to get the attention away from arp?

Kagu Nyan

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sure can do that, in the meantime u can post some reads and give me ur thoughts on how this day should end in ur opinion (as in who should get lynched and possibly targets for vig if this day ends in no lynch, preferrably 5 ppl for vig)

how fast did he claim that, watcher is easy to verify and i guess no one counter claimed yet?
Lynch targets: Blue, Chevy and Melkor.

Blue because of his Margaery gifs and he’s coasting enough to appear once in a while to roleplay. It’s giving me weird vibes.

Chevy because he was wolfing on Charlie and nitpicking on little things which didn’t feel genuine. His old forum mates clarified how that’s his play style and he has a knack of tunneing on one or two players. His gameplay feels weird and forced to scum hunt for the sake of it. I don’t know how that kind of play is justified in a 32 player game and this kind of hard tunnelling can get someone lynched who doesn’t deserve it. Plus he was also fishing for Pero’s abilities since he claims that he has a way to confirm it. Now Ekko has tagged him to confirm Arp so let’s see.

Melkor because he’s just asking a lot of questions which he can know if he just reads the damn thread. Questions like has Pero fully claimed? This type of play looks bad. It’s like low efforts to blend in with town showing how curious he is to solve the game. He was like this in the last game too where he flipped scum.

Vig shot targets: Wakanda, Cooler, Yo tan Wa.
how fast did those votes pile up and were there some that seemed sus

has someone tried to get the attention away from arp?
He maybe had like 8 votes in total when he claimed.

Also not sure on #2 question
I was sheeping @Neeko on the Arp thing.

latest count

Ekko 4 - TAC, Cooler, Phoenix, hime, Neeko
Arp 5 - Soulkiller, Blue, Ultra, KWEH
Pero 5 - Lord Melkor, RippedCal, Worst, Dofla, Chevy
Chevy 1 - Michelle
Dofla 2 - Broki, Pero
Charlie 1 - Fuji
Blue 1 - Kagurashii
Cooler 2 - Ekko. Tpein
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