[FNZ] Role Madness A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Mafia Game Thread

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anyway enough if that let me try to catch up

im travelling today to visit family. will be near dead inactive

best i can do here is enable a second lynch. please decide on 2 wagons and i can do that
I wasn't around to push it.

There's a disconnect here with you. Sk I can get because he doesn't know me, but you do. Do you think there's an association with arp considering I started the wagon and was the one asking everyone else to join it throughout the day? I did eventually change my.mind because of his re-entry approach and again I can get why sk would find it weird, but anyone from our forum really shouldn't.
I think you wasted your vote instead of using it wisely and you explaining it was because you wanted ekko chopped is bollocks because you didn't push for it.

Kagu Nyan

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Not sure why you are entertaining that the result is tampered with. Arp was scummy, and his arya claim is a fake one. Having a person confirm that Arp is not what he claims he is makes sense even from thread play perspective. Dude is scummy.

Who are your scum reads at the moment?
I mentioned it as a suggestion to consider. It has very less chance of happening but having a bus driver is not uncommon.

We should look at all perspectives before taking a decision or else we lose not one, but two townies.

Ofc, I might be overthinking this scenario and Arp is a scum afterall so I'll provide my support by voting against him.

Current scum pile - Blue, Zolo, Pero, Melkor.
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