[FNZ] Role Madness A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Mafia Game Thread

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no claims other than miller and what pero's hinting at

i'm assuming there would be rolecop in group of over 20 townies and that's basically only way to mechanically confirm millers alignment, other than shooting
I'll indulge you in some flavour spec.

They can be lannister too but i assume they are targaryen and they know who i am that would explain the wagon
Who do you feel Pero is hinting at here?
Half of peros argument is that I vote him out of spite in multiple games lol, but that doesn't intrinsicslly make me scum, it's actually more likely to make me town lol

Yet hes scum reading me
Better question is why are we indulging this? Why even play his guessing game instead of just getting the claim instead?
Normally, I'd agree. But my previous post on Pero has me a little intrigued regarding his confidence around alignments & houses and his very obvious fear over a low amount of votes.
It's just curious. I haven't gone and ISO'd you but it feels like it makes up a big part of your discussion.

From my recollection you entered the thread suggesting he was frustrated townie. Then later on you suggested he was being bussed. Now you're back to suggesting he might be being preyed on opportunistically.

What is your read on him
most likely town
i hit post too early by accident

anyway what i was going to add is that in case it wasnt clear, my focus rn as far is scum hunting goes is less so on him in specific but more so on the inactives behind his wagon

particularly having issue with t pein and blue atm. personally i think them or a pero lynch is a better lynch but either way it will give us info


Pero do some game solving instead of whatever ur currently doing

Actually, from the ppl who voted u which votes seemed sus, how did wagon start?
doflamihawk just jumping in voting saying he doesn't really know why other than me being one of the top posters is very suspicious to me.
and it started here with this absolute tinfoil lol
Pero isn't on NF to make that assessment

which means

uh oh!
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