[FNZ] Role Madness A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Mafia Game Thread

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I played Majority lynch once ( if we dont count TOS) and it was a pain in the ass the whole game, can understand why people like it since it adds a certain sense of urgency + a ways for scum to try and divide votes so majority cant be reached but majority lynch is where its at. I dont have time to convince 17 people to follow a sinple directive, its hardenough to get like 5-7 people to not shit the bed lmao.
Day 1 Vote Count 5

Ekko 2 - TAC, Cooler
Arp 6 - Neeko, Soulkiller, Tpein, Blue, Phoenix, Ultra
Charlie 1 - Chevy
Ratchet 1 - Ekko
Pero 4 - Lord Melkor, RippedCal, Worst, Dofla
Chevy 2 - Michelle, Kagurashii
Dofla 2 - Broki, Pero

32 players alive, 17 votes to lynch. You have approx 20 hours remaining.
32 players in the game, 19 people voted lololol.


The End and the Beginning
As for the claim itself it's fairly strong flavour-wise, with no abilities can't analyse much from it. I don't actually remember Beric being all that against Gregor Clegane, but it has been several years since I read the books/watched the show.
i admit so, perhaps the bussing thing was going too far but i cant really see a good townie reason for those players to vote arp and offer little to no reasoning of their own

pretty sure they voted arp bc neeko told them to, thats all i really see

is it not fair to assume that at least one of them is scum trying to blend in and not draw too much attention by voicing their own opinions?
Yea one of them being scum makes a certain amount of sense but all of them... nah
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