[FNZ] Role Madness A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Mafia Game Thread

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rereading rn but have @T-Pein™ and @Blue contributed anything at all?? i just see some posts here and there from t-pein about who to lynch and all im really seeing from blue is not really relevant to the game at all (tho im clueless about flavor so idk if its important in that sense)

it just feels like theyre cruising by unnoticed which doesnt really sit right with me

scum lean for now.
I am not going to contribute anything.
I will just vote on the lynch that looks ok to me.
I have not ready anything since page 44 or w/e
Cheers for pointing that out, important that everyone sees
Contrary to the WoTLK game this time round I know little about the theme.
Ive been saying he'll die before finishing for years, Im scarred by the death of Robert Jordan.
Just being polite, its known this is my second game so I was thanking Ripped for making sure I didn't fuck up
We throwing Votes around at random now then? buddying up off the back and one post and pushing me for being polite on the first page no less, seems pretty untown to me.
We had a pretty blatant softclaim by the scum godfather back in the WoW game on day 1, you thinking we have a repeat/ an early slip here?
its Majority Lynch (ironically thats what Ripped was pointing out originally that I thanked him for) votes here and there can cause the wrong person to get lynched if theyre on the board, Im not overly worried about a single vote but day ends the second a majority is reached and a single vote can fuck everything.
Day 1 The Lich King outed themselves in the WoTLK game, In this thread it was a post about having a secret chat and I reference that game as it the only other game Ive actually played in full and recent enough that others will remember.

Why is it a weird way of approaching it? I asked the question do you think that the talk of a secret chat was a very early slip or attempt at open scum, which you answered.
I already did, you threw a vote down off the back of a single player making a one line comment, carelessness causes losses
It was pretty mental that is a fair point.
Kagu's posts seem pretty similar, I lean Town.
As I said its the only other full game of Mafia I have played so I'm gonna look for similarities and patterns, not much to go off on day 1.
Be careful I asked Soulkiller if they thought that and now I'm apparently scum
Amp? have you genuinely misread my name or are you being rude on purpose, that's twice now.
Its considered rude to misspell someones name on purpose especially when its written on a screen, I overreacted a bit maybe but Ive just had a very frustrating round of War Thunder. If you say it was a mistake then alls good.
Is that sheets of plastic as in a body bag? just want to be sure we're on the same page here I don't look great wrapped in clingfilm
He doth besmirch mine honour not a slight i take lightly
Morning, just catching up on the way to work

I have played one full mafia game before The WoTLK one, one game that didn't get off the ground because of a screw up.

Prior to this I have played an amount of Werewolf in person which is of course very similar but also as I'm finding very different as its all in person.
I have little confidence in my reads so far as its early and

Ignoring how im the focus Soulkiller and Neeko both seem to be actively working on things so they're probably town.

RippedCal mostly seems to be playing as they did in my previous game with them when they were Town

Iffy vibe on Ultra, short posts of not much before pouncing after an entrance post.

Tpein getting in an early Miller claim apropos nothing feels off to me as well laying groundwork for something?
Wakandan? Isn't that a Black Panther thing? Or are you insinuating that I am aligned with Wakanda Forever?

I made a statement of what I've seen, your posts tend to the short and you jumped on someone. Should we be charitable in a game of suspicions and lies?
Spicy and Direct if not a bit defensive. No malice here
@SoulKiller not sure why you disbelieve my newness although I appreciate the credit to my game ability you've stated and implied with that.

As I've said before I'm reasonably fresh to the game and not really sure how you're expecting me to react. One vote might not be dangerous on its own but iirc it was the first vote and the misread of my reference to the wotlk game got my back up.

I only referenced it to provide the context of its been done before recently it could happen again. A throwaway question that wasn't entirely meant to be serious as the Post about the secret chat seemed an obvious joke to me.

How can I be of service to the town and convince you I am not a bad dude?
Work is busy today (second day of the new term)so its not gonna be anything substantial until later. I've chilled out after my shitty games of War Thunder yesterday which bled my irritability into here.

But I appreciate the advice and will be more usefully active going forward

I stopped catching up after 20 pages. You, Neeko, Soul Killer and Ekko are my town reads. Ultra also felt good while I'd be wary of Ratchet, Reborn, Charlie and Tac from what I've read so far.​
I like Neeko for now but if he is bringing the wrong bodies be alert. Not the biggest busser so should be judged on his reads and their flips. Massive scum range
Doubt they're scum. Push on charlie I'd what I'd expect from town chevy

Also makes no sense from a scum pov for him to intervene in neeko challenging me early game unless he's my scum mate and defending me, but I'm town
What do you expect from scum Chevy?

Per your second point though - it happens all the time, doesn't require you to be a buddy. Defending a player as a basis of attacking another, to shield the scumminess of the approach, is very common. Dunno about whether he in particular would do that sort of thing but I'd caution a dismissal on this basis.
Thats TAC in disguise yeah? His posting seems similar to the only other game I played with him when he was a superbad indy

I've not seen any actual opinion from him that I remember so far in this game as you say it all seems like fluff. I'd be inclined to lean away from town for him
Leaning scum:
Ultra as per my previous talk with him but I want to go through his posts and give him a fair shake of the stick

Tpein is on my list to look into, seems to have been pretty inactive

Soulkiller has been on point with his game solving focus
RippedCal seems to be playing similar to my previous experience when he was town

I'm struggling to get a read on Ratchet very different playstyle to last time but was Indy in that game

Yo Tan seems to be very inactive which is suspicious

Have we had more from Chevy yet? Or have his posts all been about the early push/spat? Not sure where I fall on him but on the list to keep an eye on for sure
I was getting his role confused with Ultra actually, TAC was Malganis who played pretty protown indie aside from needing to kill my bff but in theme is very bad.

That whole post quoted is effectively a write off and I'll need to reform my thoughts there.
No I don't read either of you as Scum, my accusation at your vote was largely a response to being provoked and frustrations from outside the game leaking in
This was supposed to be a response to @Neeko
These are all Arp posts

This is his second game, but he played IRL before, so he knows the basic idea of scum hunting by asking people things to get answers, but he isn't doing so all game.
He can be inexperienced town but he can't go out from the Poe so the wagon has a meaning. He only defended himself and pointed out a single vote makes the difference and that sounds towny for me, but is such a small point that I can't defend him.
If he is scum he can be bussed by his mates already except he has a mega important role.

These are my first ideas reading this Iso, please @SoulKiller link me the other game you played with him.
For everyone in town here, we shouldn't let ourselves lead by anyone, please make your educated guess and read as much as you can.
Fill the thread with town energy please!

We have 11 hours until Eod ig.


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For everyone in town here, we shouldn't let ourselves lead by anyone, please make your educated guess and read as much as you can.
Fill the thread with town energy please!

We have 11 hours until Eod ig.
im fine with someone i town read take lead if they read more and spent more time in the game. if they r wrong they can step down for a bit
how did u come to that conclusion about the arp lynch? do tell, id like to hear more from u.
god dammit i keep hitting post too early

anyways adding on, from what i gathered u had not really read the thread at the time bc u didnt know who was leading the votes yet so im unsure what reasoning u had on ur vote besides pure sheep
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