[FNZ] Role Madness A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Mafia Game Thread

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im going to sleep

there is defo a scum in cooler/blue if we wanna yeet inactives

and a scum in ratchet/soul if we wanna yeet actives

gna lean inactives yeet in day 1 because my kawaii heart loves activity

good night ^^
Aight updated reads

Town: Michelle, Hime, Neeko

Probably town: Ultra, RippedCal, Chevy, Blue, Soulkiller
Blue because they seem pretty carefree and beyond the roleplaying they've actually formed a couple of sensible sounding reads by now

People I've noted but who roughly balance out at null atm: Fuji, Ekko, Pero, Melkor, Ratchet

Scum leans: Kagu, Arp, Doflamihawk

Please vig this slot: T-Pein
Care to give reasons for strong town leans on Michelle and Hime? They might have escape my attention.


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What makes you town read Pero? Do you think his reaction to being voted was genuine?

Also, did Pero provide a full claim already?
i said up to page 30 lol
by that time he was not even a wagon as far as i remember

i read ratchet's reasoning on pero not being familiar with cooler

hey maybe hes onto something here. maybe pero and cooler are partnered. dem bro imagine


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dont think pero claimed from the summary i got. correct me if im wrong @ anyone who read pages 30 to 80

seems people left him without a claim. honestly i might read how that happen after waking up

felt ratchet being a bit opportunistic on pero there
Idk what thats supposed to mean lmao

I like his green hair btw, really should find some time to catch up to ToG

why is it scummy broker?
It was scummy since it came of as "teehee ur so scummy ima jump on the wagon xD"

But after he replied to me a few times id say dofla is more of a null lean atm

@Underworld Broker

Can you look at your faction pm and tell me your team mates thanks
Stop wasting my time with this kinda posts.
eitherway arya likely isnt mafia, and most likely not a fake claim. i will be surprised if she was. so its town or indie

i am concerned with how arp claimed + disappeared. generally dont like it. but the strength of the claim is far too great to overlook

willing to let it stay for now. this will be my final thoughts on it

vote lynch cooler
that isn't how fake claims work, what.

anyone can be a fake.
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