Theory A theorie about one of Imu's power

This will most likely looks like a stretch at first glance but hear me out, I think Imu might be able to transform Redline into Jörmungand (the world snake from the Nordic mythology).

There is little to no basis into my theory but it make so much sense, at least in my opinion. My arguments are:

-the elbaf arc/story didn't happened yet despise the manga entering into his final arc

-broggy and dorry actually referred to him before when attacking the giant goldfish (as the only one that can resist them)

-the people who live on redline are named celestial dragon and jörmungand is also known as the snake dragon. They are the only people who live in redline meaning that if jörmungand goes into a rampage, the safest place would obviously be on him

-Shanks boat (red force) figurehead is a red dragon and weirdly enough, he is an endgame character linked to the WG

-King, a character that is from redline and suffered of the action of the celestial dragon chosed kaido the blue dragon as his joyboy (blue dragon Vs red dragon)

-the slave of the celestial dragon are marked with a red dragon footprint

-Luffy first opponent was a giant sea snake, lord of D coast

-and last but not least, the world final war of the Nordic mythology, the Ragnarok, started when jörmungand released its tail and a final war in one piece has also been hinted.

In conclusion ZKR (zoro kill redline):endthis:
A funayurei ain't a Yokai thought:endthis:
I said Yokai and Funayurei cuz of Umibozo, it's treated as both

Either way, I believe Imu's DF is one of those or Oda will combine them into an Original Being

What I'm certain of is that it's a Spirit and related to Ships, basically Imu = Ship Sinker