Announcement About the media section


Copy Ninja
Hello everyone,

As some of you probably noticed, i opened a media section before with the intention to allow the artists of this forum to post their share their content, receive some reviews, comments, ratings which could potentially allow them to improve their skills. The area could be visible here

However i noticed that some were not knowledgeable of the rules when uploading a content. So for this reason, i decided to add rules in the media upload content which are visible here:

They look as followed

Rules and Guidelines to the Media section:

- Only original contents(created by yourself) like Artwork, Manga Panel, Colorings, Digital Painting, Graphic works(GFx), vectors, wallpapers, sketches, or drawings are allowed in this section

Worstgen isn't an Image Host, do not upload screenshots, personal pictures etc...

- The directive rules also apply here. You must be friendly and polite in your comments, or/and criticism, fair in your ratings, respectful with each other. If it's not possible, the report button is there to help you

- Add suitable tags with sufficient description to your contents for better traceability, and understanding by the others.
Adding tags unrelated to the content and uploading a content without important informations like valid Title/Information is forbidden and thus could be removed for this reason

- Always try to give credit to Owners of materials you used in your upload. As an example, if you found an artwork on twitter or deviantart, and made an avatar out of it, give credit to the artist who made the artwork in your description

Failing to comply to the above rules could lead to strict measures such as warning points, temporarily or even permanent ban.
For the ones who are good in GFX/art or the ones who are wishing to learn more about it, this section could be particular good way to show your skills / improve them. Tutorials may even come up by the most invested ones like @Ali .

In the meantime, i'm wishing to have even more fun on Worstgen. :optimistic:

-- The Worstgen Staff