Achilles The Fluffy Hunter

Name: Achilles Ottoman
Nickname : The Fluffy Hunter
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Gender: Male
Height: 3 Meter Tall

Achilles is a Pekingese type Dog Mink, as expected He has a half Humanoid half Dog Athletic body, with more fur on his body than the average Dog Mink, especially on the head area. On top of said fur he has Long Human like Hair, With The same Golden Brown color as his Fur making it seem as if they are the same. His eyes are Brown and his face is covered by Black fur unlike the rest of his body. He has a very Fluffy Tail which earned him his Nickname. He usually wears an open Brown Jacket.

Born in Zou, Achilles always wanted to wander outside of the Kingdom, his parents were always trying to convince him to stay but after he became old enough it became pretty clear that this wasn't just a rebellious phase but something he needed to do.

He set sail for the first time when he was 17, this didn't prove to be much of an adventure as he hoped as nothing really sparked his interest in the islands that he visited other than Humans petting him.

His Parents Convinced him to join the Mink Nation Forces which he did, he Roses up the Ranks pretty Quickly and in two year was a well known Rookie in Zou as a whole due to his skill and potential, he quit much to the dismay of everyone due to how dissatisfied he was with how little he got to do.

He set sail for the second time one year later as life on Zou had began to get too bland for him. He stayed in one Hotel on one of the islands that he visited.

While he was trying to asleep he sensed some people in his room approaching him and immediately overpowered the men who were planning to tie him up.

After questioning them he found out they were pirates who were planning to kidnap him and sell him to the slave market. Outraged by that fact he decided to give them a taste of their medicine and handed them over to the marine.

After being handed the reward for handing them over and Praised by the Marines, while the money wasn't much due to them being small time pirates, it awakened his Hunter instincts and made him find something that would fill the void that he spent years trying to fill. Thus began his career as a Bounty Hunter

like all Minks, Achilles is Instinct Driven and Blunt personality wise, as well as very emotional. He takes a lot of pride in his fur and Fluffy Tail, to the degree of having a Superiority complex over it, believing he is destined for greatness due to having more fur than the average mink. He enjoys being praised which is a big motivation for his hard work both in the Mink forces and as a Bounty Hunter, he also seeks excitement and something to fill in the void in his life which is what made him leave the Mink Forces as the Threats to the kingdom were too little and too weak to scratch that itch that Hunting Pirates seem to scratch. Despite being a Bounty Hunter, he doesn't hate pirates, he just views them as prey to kill his boredom.

Mink Bonus= +4 Strength/+4 Vitality

Strength: 54+16=70

Movement Speed: 51
Reaction Speed: 51

Vitality : 44+16=60

Endurance: 60

Fighting style: 56

Electro: 61
Ittoryu :51
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