Info Activity

To discourage passive behavior or freezing of devil fruits or limited items/abilities, you will have to submit proof of continued activity in the RPG.

Results of not being active:
1 week: no salary(weekly paycheck for marines depending on rank or weekly territory reward for pirates)
2 months: loss of devil fruit, unique weapons and abilities.(will receive compensation.)

Requirements for activity:
Any single post that is made in canon adventure (the four blues and open sea), battle ground or event will be counted as a week's activity. The single post must be made in the current week.

Activity counts from Monday to Sunday. Submissions for each week will be taken up until Sunday, then checked on Monday. Once the post goes up that it has been checked, one may post their activity if one already has the two(or three) posts required for activity.

Name: <insert own name here>
Organization: <insert pirate crew/world government branch here>
Level: <insert own level here>
First post: <insert link to own post here>
Second post: <insert link to own post here>
Third post(if necessary): <insert link to own post here>
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