Character Discussion Admiral GreenBull/Ryokugyu : Predictions

Admiral Greenbull is arguably one of the most anticipated characters in the series next to Dr. Vegapunk.

Doflamingo referred to Greenbull and Fujitora as “beasts”. After seeing Fujitora, I tend to believe that Greenbull will be along the lines of Akainu. Kizaru is the only member of the former trio who is still an Admiral. Akainu became the Fleet Admiral and Aokiji left the Marines. Now Fujitora resembles Aokiji in behavior and personality. Considering that Oda always has patterns in mind, I reckon Greenbull will be like Akainu. Hot headed, arrogant yet smart, and ruthless.

After all, if Doflamingo with an awakened Devil Fruit can call him a “beast”, he must be powerful. He is an Admiral too.

Share your thoughts about what you think Ryokugyu's role is going to be and how powerful he is regarding the position he currently holds as a Marine Admiral.


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My expectations held for the man are high. We kinda glimpsed him discussing with Fujitora in the past. We will in all likelihood be introduced to more of his character in the future power and personality wise, hopefully a robust background of his character as well.
One of the few things that still keeps me hyped about OP is GB.He should be based on Yoshio Harada and his personality should be a mix of Aokiji's and Kizaru's,given that Fuji is pretty similar to Aokiji+Akainu(laid back as the the first one,but in serious battle ferocious as the second one)

Yoshio Harada

A movie that has GB,Fuji and Kizaru actors in it

Personality of GB:
Off his introduction and interaction w Fujitora he came off to me as laidback and not that uptight about rules. Even w the loophole presented I bet Kizaru would have attempted to force Fuji out like he was ordered. So I don’t think he would be similar to Akainu in personality at all but I do think his abilities might be the trickiest to deal with. Maybe some crazy regen abilities or something, I think he’ll be like some plant based mythical.
I’m thinking he mixes lazy and unclear justice into a sort of “Personal Justice” where I think his method will be similar to Megumi where he simply chooses who he wants to save and capture rather than having a hard oath of complete justice like Akainu. (The opposite on the color spectrum)

Power wise, I’m assuming he’s some type of cyborg with a mythical zoan fruit.

Cyborg - He does not have to eat and relation with vegapunk

Mythical Zoan - To finish off the Zoan Paramecia Logia trio we currently have.

I believe since he’s designed to fight Sanji his fruit could be the tori tori fruit model Yatagerasu.

The three legged crow that stands for divine intervention seems ideal for an admiral and the symbol for Japans football team seems like a fun fight for Sanji the straw hats strongest kicker.