Powers & Abilities After seeing what happened with Z and S fights, expect Luffy gear 5 to turn into DBZ piece lol

All the auras and energy stuff looking like a whole different anime, not to mention how ridiculously bad king was animated.

I was eager to see king's handsome face and they hit me with a bootleg cheap version, the disappointment...
King werid as hell lol, overall auras were not that bad this episode and I usually hate seeing it.

I liked the parts before the Imperial Dragon, everything else was greatly exaggerated.
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Well the YouTube algorithm showed the fight today.
Tbh I hated it. I mean I hate those messy overloaded colours and I don't like it.

I like clear choreography with super impactfull core scenes.

Those Green line Vs Orangw line was just too much, to messy and ugly.

I'm not satisfied. I don't even like the outline of the characters.

Some scens the look like an Aquarell that is washed out.

Maybe you need to smoke Ganga to like it.

Overall I don't like the style.