Anime & Manga After Wano, Franky will be even stronger than Sanji

Franky will be equal to Jinbe at the end of Wano.
Zoro, Sanji are Luffy's version of YC1, normal looking but strong. Like Benn Beckman and Marco.

Franky and Jinbe are Luffy's version of YC2, Big guys. Like Jozu and Lucky Roo.


Oda's accuser
We don't know what is going to happen.

Let's see how powerful the two of them are.

If Sanji takes on PO but still beats him handily he will be allegedly stronger than Franky assuming he only extreme diffs Sasaki. But nothing is yet written here.
Franky beat Sasaki

While Sanji will beat Page One :fransuper::fransuper::fransuper:
Well as far as we know there's no established hiearchy, this isn't like enies lobby ,Alabasta where the characters had ranks and power levels. So until Oda gives us bounty or straight up says 1 topi roppo is stronger than the other we have to assume their all on a similar level. Anything else is honestly speculation. Since we have no hierarchy right now The Difficulty in which a tobi roppo is taken care of is more impressive than which of them is actually defeated.