Versus Battle Akatsuki Crépuscule : Match Numéro 1

Tsunade, Hokage of Konoha, wants to take out Akatsuki for good.

Jiraiya gathered nearly every information on Akatsuki members, but Konoha don't know about :

-> Itachi Susano, Totsuka Blade, Yata no Mirror, Izanagi, Izanami
-> Obito Izanagi
-> Kisame ability to fuse with Samehada
-> Sasori Sandaime Kazekage and ability to Switch heart
-> Kakuzu 5 hearts
-> Deidera C4
-> Nagato Being hidden elsewhere

Each week, she will send as much as Shinobis needed to take out a duet at a time. She wants them to come back alive. Sending 30 chunins on Sasori without strategy possibly means that 20 of thems die within 10 minutes of poisoning.

Matchs :

1 Sasori & Deidera

2 Hidan & Kakuzu

3 Kisame & Itachi

4 Konan & Pain

5 Obito & Zetsu

Bonus duets :

6 Sandaime Raikage & Rasa

7 Mū and the Mizukage who defeated him

8 Danzō Shimura & Fū & Torune

9 Hanzō the Salamander

10 The Impossible to catch : Orochimaru & Kabuto ( Orochimaru with his hands )

Konoha has the cooperation of the others Villages, Tsunade can send most of their Shinobis

But, to be able to force the Akatsuki duet to fight and not flee, Jiraiya, Killer B & Ae , Chiyo, and Kitsuchi are put all around the zone of contact.

You must evitate to use them but if it is the best solution ( and not totally overkill ) you can send one of those above for help. Jiraiya is doing another super important mission these weeks. Please, he can't get injured.

These 4 groups above can also be splitter. You don't want to fight the Akatsuki duet together but one team on one at a time ? Jiraiya come and force them to split using Gama Bunta, 2 others Invocations and his huge Doton Jutsu.

To summarize : make a team against an Akatsuki duet and explain how they are able to win without hurting themselves and without sending half of the village.

Shikamaru, Ino, Sakura, Sai, Lee and a Sarutobi fire thrower is good to be sure of Hidan defeat without any casualties. Adding Kakashi, Jiraiya and Chiyo is too much.

But maybe that Chiyo, Shino and Shikamaru are a better choice.
Or maybe Chiyo, Kurotsuchi and Shikamaru. It's up to you.

Match Numéro 1 : Sasori & Deidera.