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Stand on the edge of your dream and fight
So do you actually draw the stuff or do you just make collabs of panels or what ever?
Either way is fine I'm just curious
I design on Photoshop mainly.
I picked up an app called Procreate a few weeks ago and it's crazy how easy you can draw from scratch using the app.
Probably will start practicing that.
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Welcome to Ali’s ARTicle, the Art Market!
This is a GFX facility for those who wish to request an avatar, tag, or signature!
Art Available -
Here, you may request to have an avatar made for your profile, or if you happen to be a VIP, you can request to have a tag, and lastly a banner to put in your signature if you wish.

How To Order -
For you to properly request some type of work in here, you're gonna need to put it under a format. This format helps out a ton as it provides me with the necessary details on how to construct your avatar/signature/tag.

As I’m doing this as a hobby, it might take some time before your request is done depending on how busy I’m.

You can check out few of my works on DeviantArt here.
if you're still up for this can i request this image for avatar, as for theme make it speedy and for text just write ''Big bro'' :pepebusi: