All-Purpose Pokémon Thread - SwSh, BDSP, Legends: Arceus, Gen 9 (Scarlet/Violet)

Are You Getting Scarlet, Violet, Or Both?

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Cutty Jewboy

I Can Go Lower
Yo just got into the game rn after prerelease download but imma wait til 1032 before i start playing 😮

Maybe on Thanksgiving on Thursday/Friday we can start trade talks?
Works for me, although I think I read something about trades not being functional at launch…that’s something they better incorporate real quick, not sure how else anyone can hope to complete the Dex…

Wonderful World

I mean…it’s good in that it IS a faithful remake of what is still my favorite mainline Pokémon game, but it’s a little buggy and slow :luuh:
That's a little worrying. I've personally never run into any bugs or slowness instances in past titles, but it wasn't noticeable if I did. I'll probably wait and see if they iron them out.
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How nostalgic this thread...


I stopped playing Pokemon after Sword/Shield. I spent hundred of hours breeding pokemons until I had dozens of perfect IV/EV pokemons.
Then I realized that I didn't want to play anymore after having my perfect and competitive teams...

Well this would be my team(normal) If one day I decide to buy the remakes:

Can someone guess how would I name my female Rampardos?

Drop or DM your friend code, I can help you out :shocking:
just added you on my Switch :)

i'll let you know when I need to trade Electabuzz + Electrizer here in a few days

My copy came in a day early. I ended up choosing Turtwig and currently going to Eterna Forest to catch my Murkrow. Current team is Grotle, Kadabra and Pachirisu (only for its Pick Up ability). If anyone can do a quick trade to evolve my Kadabra that would be appreciated.
my FC is SW-5373-1709-6891 if you wanna add me on NS and do a trade tmrw or in a few days
Did everyone else finish their game already? I’m at the 5th gym.
yep currently at Victory Road/Elite 4

here's my current team. I had Bastidon originally but he was completely dead weight against pretty much anyone so I replaced him with a female Mamoswine which can hopefully deal with Garchomp if she can tank a hit. Also will need to go thru Victory Road completely to evolve Weavile