All-Purpose Pokémon Thread - SwSh, BDSP, Legends: Arceus, Gen 9 (Scarlet/Violet)

Are You Getting Scarlet, Violet, Or Both?

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Last game I played was Pokemon X in like 2015 lol

I just booted up Pokemon Sun to start on Gen 7, any advice? Can u hook your boy up with a detailed walkthrough, cause I'm rusty af on gameplay.
the in game map in Gen 7+ pretty much guides you to wherever you need to go so you don't have to worry about getting lost for the most part, just put together a team that you like

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Sun looks gr8 so far, working with Popplio and Grubbin

F :catsweat::catsweat::catsweat:
I would have gone Litten, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I DIDN’T choose a Fire starter…Cyndaquil has long been one of my favorites, so I don’t see that changing for Legends: Arceus :wellwell:
I was 12 at that time and my mother to this day is still salty asf that me and my siblings wear glasses and still can't mentally cope with the fact that it's ok to wear glasses (when she herself can't see anything within 1 ft of sight)
Yeah, what? Why does she care about you wearing something that helps you fuckin’ SEE?? :usoprice:

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They need to release the new evolutions ASAP (if they exist), or else I seriously can't decide who I want
Love the idea of the secondary typings (Fighting/Ghost/Dark) also completing a mutually-assured destructive triangle, so hard agree, a Fire/Ghost Typhlosion or whatever alternate evolution it is will be incredible :lunazing:
So...uhhh....I thought I'd solo this game over the entire Christmas break

But I'm already done, the pokemon league was way too easy :seriously:

Is the post game for Pokemon Sun fun? Or should I just jump to gen 8?
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl (Gen 8)'s difficulty is a notch more difficult than its original counterpart of Diamond/Pearl (even Platinum as well with Champion Rematches at Lv 88) so I'd try that if you get the time
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So...uhhh....I thought I'd solo this game over the entire Christmas break

But I'm already done, the pokemon league was way too easy :seriously:

Is the post game for Pokemon Sun fun? Or should I just jump to gen 8?
Good amount of post game with the ultra beasts and rematches so keep playing until you at least take care of that
You should've play ultra sun:optimistic:
i fucking hated playing against that Ultra Necrozma

my team was 10 lvls up higher than that POS and I still got swept without even being able to damage it once (i was aware of the toxic strategy but I didn't want to resort to that)

had to bring in several lv 100 fairy types from Pokemon Bank from my Alpha Sapphire to finally beat it but barely. After that battle I just completely lost interest in doing anything else in that game beyond the first Elite 4 matches and Rainbow Rocket. And it was a pity because I really enjoyed playing Sun/Moon and did pretty much everything in that game (probably spent 600-700 hrs there while Ultra Moon is still at 21 hrs to this day)
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still don't like Bidoof btw -
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very excited for it, but it's kinda ridiculous how we're getting no new clips lol
For real, they dropped a 13 minute trailer that revealed practically nothing new…I’m not expecting a full reveal of every Hisuian form before launch, but more information about the gameplay changes would be nice. Kinda feels like everything they’ve shown so far is just scratching the surface :smoothy:
very excited for it, but it's kinda ridiculous how we're getting no new clips lol
late update for Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl I made to you a few weeks ago but i went thru all of the gym leader rematches and if you're interested (or haven't done it yet) I can list out or rank in order the difficulty of the rematches thru death count (hardest gym/elite 4 matches in pokemon franchise history arguably). Gonna be doing the final Elite 4 run once i get my Weavile to Lv 100 (infernape, electivire, togekiss, floatzel, mamoswine, weavile)

1 Byron (5)
Aggron (one of my all time favorite Pokemon and a staple in my Gen 3 teams) + Rock Head + Choice Scarf + Head Smash nearly swept my entire fucking team, basically outspeeding everyone on my team (despite being Lv 80+) and 1-shotting everyone regardless of type advantage. My Infernape was luckily spared since Aggron was locked into Struggle since Head Smash only had 5 PP (thank fucking god) and died in the next turn and Infernape was all I had left to deal with everyone else, which it was actually able to take care of but with less than 20% HP heading into the last of Byron's pokemon. I panicked so hard at the end when I got to Bastiodon that (for the first time in doing a pokemon playthrough) I used a revive on Floatzel and Electivire in fear my Infernape couldn't take another hit and I was going to lose a Gym battle for the first time, luckily Bastiodon does almost 0 damage to Infernape and I was able to finish it off with a Power Up Punch + Close Combat. Not a Gym Rematch I would ever touch again

2 Wake (5)
His first 4 pokemon are easy to deal with as long as you have a Fairy, Electric and Grass Type move even with Drizzle. And then comes Huntail (who I've always killed in 1 turn before this match) + Focus Sash + Shell Smash. Tried to use Electivire to kill it but after the first hit where it held onto 1 HP, Huntail again destroyed 5 of my pokemon without me being able to land a single fucking hit (with or without Rain setup btw), and once again only my Infernape (I fucking love this guy) was left. Fortunately I was able to outspeed Huntail and take down both him and Floatzel with consecutive Close Combat(s) to beat Wake. Did the gym rematches a few more time, and it took my Electivire to get to Lv 100 to finally tank a hit from Huntail (with just 35 HP) and still couldn't outspeed Huntail even with several Bulldoze(s)

3 Roark (4)
while not as infuriating as his dad Byron, his Armaldo (just like the other pokemon I mentioned) nearly destroyed my entire team again despite being 15+ levels higher, only this time Armaldo didn't outspeed my team but barely took dmg regardless of type weakness, leaving only my Weavile and Electivire remaining this time. Electivire was able to take a hit from Armaldo thanks to high friendship cheese but couldn't live a hit from Aerodactyl later on since I got outspeeded, and I was able to finish off the final few of Roark's pokemon (especially Roark's Rampardos) thanks to a few lucky critical hit Night Slashes and Ice Shard.

4 Volkner (3)
Made the mistake of putting Infernape first and Volkner started the battle with a Pelipper + Drizzle (one of my all time least favorite pokemon and one I've refused to catch or evolve in my many years of playing Pokemon and pretty much kill on sight with the exception of Pokemon GO for collection purposes and breakthrough rewards). Got rid of it with Electivire but made another mistake by switching to Mamoswine to deal with Raichu when I found out the hard way that Raichu can learn Surf (only in BD/SP btw) and took out the only pokemon I had that could deal super effective + stab dmg to Volkner's electric pokemon. Took out Raichu the next turn with Infernape but got screwed next turn almost immediately by Luxray + Intimidate + Play Rough (since I used 4 consecutive Power-Up Punches prior) and then later Jolteon that set up a Reflect that basically tanked most of my hits. Ended up with only Electivire, Floatzel and Weavile left heading into Electivire, and barely beat him after a lucky missed Cross Chop (again outspeeding a 15+ lv higher Weavile despite having significantly lower base speed - 95 to 125) and an even luckier 1-HKO by Weavile's Night Slash once again.

5 Fantina (2)
All of her pokemon outspeeded my team (which again really pissed me off despite having most of my team with speed-boosting natures) but luckily the dmg output from her pokemon wasn't as OP as Byron, Wake or Roark. Was able to take care of her losing only 2 pokemon in Weavile (taking down the first 4 pokemon) and Mamoswine getting outspeeded by Mismagius and having Infernape being able to take a hit from Mismagius' Shadow Ball and finishing her off with Flare Blitz

6 Maylene (2)
Hadd my Floatzel and Togekiss taken out by Heracross and Medicham respectively due to tanking hits, but my Electivire and Infernape took care of everyone else without any issues or major damage taken

7 Candice (1)
Other than Mamoswine getting outspeeded and knocked out by Frosslass, Infernape destroyed everyone else without taking significant dmg (but once again still got outspeeded despite being up Lv 85 to several Lv 65+ to Lv 70s)

8 Gardenia (0)
Started off with Infernape and completely raped her team without losing a single pokemon (or getting Infernape below 60% HP for that matter) after she used Jumpluff to set up Sunny Day (again infuriating me that a pokemon close to 20+ lvls higher was consistently outspeeded by Gym Pokemon, whereas I completely outspeeded Pokemon during Elite 4 runs with much higher base levels)


also having to solve the stupid ass puzzles to even access the rematches again was just as annoying, not gonna be touching any of the post game after the 3rd and final Elite 4/Champion rematch tbh. I'll let you know how those battles go in the next week or so (I basically killed all of the legendaries like Heatran, Uxie, Azelf, Mespirit, Giratina in 1 turn without even trying to use any pokeballs, couldn't even give much of a shit anymore or Ramanas Park for that matter 🤣)
Yo, can someone of my bros help me?
I have a bet against friends, after a long and hard debate, we planning to make a pokemon battle, me(Kanto) vs friend(Hoenn) online 6vs6 without any legendary pokemon.
Now what I want and asking for help, can someone use his knowledge and help me out to find the perfect 6 pokemons with perfect evs,beeing,states and attacks for me? What is the best choice for a super Kanto team for a online battle, duo someone has experince?
@RobertoTheOharaSurvivor , @Jew D. Boy , anyone?