All-Purpose Pokémon Thread - SwSh, BDSP, Legends: Arceus, Gen 9 (Scarlet/Violet)

Are You Getting Scarlet, Violet, Or Both?

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@AwakenedCabbage @Jew D. Boy here are some screenshots of Ursaluna I've taken during my journey the past few months. Too damn loveable and I get emotional just thinking about my big bear >.< Befriended one that was basically following me around while I was trying to escape Alpha Ursaring and I couldn't just leave it alone

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My friend!!:finally:
I wish you could choose the ride Pokémon, I want to run around with my alpha Luna:steef:
I usually send out my regular Ursaluna while I ride my own just to see both have a conversation. Also was able to acquire a a shiny ursaluna a few weeks ago as well

you have no soul if you can't appreciate the greatness that is Ursaluna
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Cutty Jewboy

I Can Go Lower
I will literally run thru a wall for Ursaluna, I love it too damn much (also has saved my ass time and time again during legendary/mythical encounters and also helped me tank against Volo)
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Is this the issue that finally tears this thread apart?? Because I am more than willing to die on this hill, especially when the other hill is on top of a sentient bear that visibly wishes it was real so that it could die :jordanmf: