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How Do You Feel About Scarlet/Violet?

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Cutty Jewboy

I Can Go Lower
Too lazy to stage and transfer pictures of my shinies, so here’s a list of what I’ve got (so far 😏) as well as how I found them:

Wiglett > Wugtrio (traded from my fiancé, full odds for her)
Cacnea > Cacturne (full odds)
Bergmite > Avalugg (full odds)
Flittle > Espathra (outbreak/picnic reset)
Lechonk > Oinkologne (full odds)
Sinistea > Polteageist (outbreak/picnic reset)
Klefki (outbreak/picnic reset) (traded to my fiancé)
Frosmoth (outbreak/picnic reset) (traded to my fiancé)
Roaring Moon (sandwich)
Primeape > Annihilape (full odds)
Impidimp > Morgrem > Grimmsnarl (sandwich)
Sandy Shocks (sandwich)
Great Tusk (sandwich)
Hawlucha (sandwich) (my favorite of the bunch, go look it up, it’s badass)
Sneasel* (full odds)
Magnemite* (outbreak, no picnic reset so technically full odds?)
Hatenna* (sandwich)
Corvisquire* (outbreak/picnic reset)
Girafarig > Farigiraf (sandwich)
Paldean Wooper > Clodsire (sandwich, was looking for something else)
Houndour > Houndoom (full odds)
Drednaw (outbreak/picnic reset)

* = in the process of evolving
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Currently hunting - Seviper (what I was looking for when I found Pooper), Sableye, Toedscool/Toedscruel, Fidough (only because I saw a shiny at the beginning of the game and let it go without realizing)/Dachsbun, Tarountula/Spidops, Zorua/Zoroark, Rockruff/any form of Lycanroc, Crabrawler/Crabominable, and then I’ll reassess :usosmug:
Found a Finizen and a Magikarp in separate outbreaks today, no picnic reset for either one :luffydab:
Slowbro set from Cinderace event works for this one too but you’ll be relying on luck as it got Night Slash(super effective on you and crits often) and Double team

And here’s another option:
Vaporeon @ Covert Cloak
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 SpA
Modest Nature
- Acid Armor
- Haze(make sure to just use it once on the first turn)
- Calm Mind
- Stored Power

and as always, npc intimadate user will be very helpful. I recommend Staraptor, it dies super fast