Announcement Another Loss In Our Community


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This was wonderful for you to do man. Those words hit me deeply. She was apart of this community. But most importantly she was a person, a decent human being. So my entire passion goes out to this group and most importantly her family. Does not matter how big or small you left an impact of some form on this earth. RIP
Thank you very much! I'm honoured to hear that! Thats exactly it, she was a decent person indeed. She represented the best of us, she brings and brought out the best in us too.

I love that last line too, its easy to feal unimportant in this cruel, unforgiving world and universe, to feel insignificant and helpless BUT our connections to each other, those bonds, those are unbreakable ultimately, they are more powerful than anything else in this world, because even if we die, those bonds keep us alive through those who survive us, they keep those people going and we live on beyond death that way, we transcend our own mortalities. In a sense, we are immortal in that way even.

Nobody should ever feel they don't matter and don't make an impact on this world or to anyone for that matter too. Amen.

This is just tragic.

It's moments like these that really put life into perspective for you. We're all so caught up in our daily lives that the last thing we think about is someone around us (especially a young, healthy person) passing away out of nowhere. Life is so fragile and delicate.

My sincerest condolences go out to Emily's family, friends, colleagues, students, and everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her in real life. I didn't know her very well, but I always respected her for her kindness and the passion she had for the community. I always enjoyed reading her thoughts about each and every One Piece chapter; we were fellow Zoro fans, after all.

I hope Kiri is still out there somewhere, enjoying true peace. May she rest well.
Beautifully said man. It really is a humbling experience when stuff like this happens. A real wake up call that we can't ignore or put to voicemail or w/e.

Its moments like these ironically, that bring out the best of us, that show how truly wonderful this place and community are, that we are human beings, people with empathy, feelings, that we care for one another and despite our trolling, arguments, toxicity and such, we still have a sense of family here too, bonds, unity and such.

That is priceless and also why the reason why I can't and refuse to give up on this place and abandon it and especially people here like I've done to many other people and places in the past unfortunately.

Gol D. Roger

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Life is so unfair. Just the day before yesterday, I attended the funeral of a guy in our locality, and now this. He too died from a road accident. Watching his son cry over his father's body was nothing short of heartbreaking. Kiri was one of the nicest members on the forum. This must be devastating for Emily's family and those close to her.

My deepest condolences to her family and friends. RIP Emily.

Please drive safe, everyone. Always remember you have a family waiting for you at home.

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
Thank you for the tag
I’ve done one
Her grave is on the eternal sea
Zoro and Tashigi have no swords and titles as a sign of respect

Farewell @KiriNigiri and Rest in peace
You were a blessing for this community 🙏🏼❤️

Man, thanks for doing this. She really liked Tashigi irrc. It's sad that the last thing she posted on the forum was wishing Tashigi a happy birthday.
Hello, members of Worstgen, we bring you to this thread in order to make known the death of one of our members. Most of you are already aware of this but to those who don't, @KiriNigiri has recently passed away unexpectedly. Here is the post from her sister to inform us of this tragedy:

Rest in Peace, KiriNigiri .
Kingdom of Heaven welcomes you with open arms. Rest in Peace.


Life Is Good ✌️
Beyond Justice imo! Justice so true, the Marines highly approve of it too! G5 represent! @SmokedOut Fujitora is blind but even he can see such a wonderful job you did too!


Another song for Kiri, this one is especially close to my heart and I hope somehow it can reach out to her in the Heavens and she knows how loved she was by so many of us here and elsewhere too, although I'm certainly she already knows ofc and she clearly loved us too given we were in her thoughts despite being in her final days and bedridden too. Her sister even said the same thing on her status on her profile ofc! :

For us to remember us in her final moments, to think of us as death's door approached her, its a honour I cannot describe and something I will never forget and take until my own grave when my time comes too. Its a real privilege bestowed upon us.

The message from her sister about her final weeks, her thoughts and feelings speak volumes about herself, her character and what she thought of us too. Such an incredible person.

Another songs for you too Kiri, our own personal Tashigi at that:

May your wings perservere eternally into the afterlife, to carry you into Heaven and into Gods and angels loving arms.
Thanks Ghostly ✌️
This is shocking news, she were one of the best users around on the forum. Always paused and took my time to read when it were her posts.

You will be missed @Kirini and even though you had a short life wishing you had a content one. Tough time for your family and everyone close to you, my condolences to them. May you rest in heaven