Character Discussion Anybody else still thinks other female characters are more beautiful/cuter than Hancock?

Is Boa Hancock the most beautiful/cutest character in OP?

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Shimotsuki Ghostly

Simpel Down Resident.
Unfortunately she has only one arm left.
I hate Oda for that.
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Oh I get it now😂
One arm left and one arm right
Nah it wasnt a joke, they were referring to how Kiku lost her arm.

But to get back to the topic, I also prefer Marguerite, Perona, Rocks Era Big Mom, Nami, Robin, Toki, Black Maria (without the spider half), Vivi etc over Boa but I still like Boa too lol.

I wonder if Oda making Robin a Geisha in Wano helped boost her popularity too? Or and it was a treat for her popularity/fans too?

I'd like to see Boa meet "Komurasaki" and see how that goes down lol. Battle of the most beautiful women. (Not an actual fight ofc lol.)

Oh gotta rep Kaya too! And Nojiko especially! Galette and Smoothicc too...
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:parkcry: Why did Oda make her lose her arm? It could have been Kinemon. It should have been him. He deserves it. Not her.
Lost her arm and her brother she's not seen in 20 years, but Kinemon gets to blatantly cheat death, Oda is sadistic lol.

I was worried Devon was gonna end fucking up Boas beauty somehow permanently, like how Brulee wanted to scar Namis face or something too or even kill Boa but then I remembered this is Oda lol.
Boa's easily one of the most beautiful but I wouldn't place her as unquestioned number 1. Nami, Robin, Reiju, Tashigi, Margaret and quite a few others (maybe Hiyori and Viola) compete with her or are more beautiful. Obviously in the One Piece world, her and Shirahoshi are considered the most beautiful but outside of that, beauty's subjective.
I think it's obvious not everyone will agree with a view.
Hancock is bar far most beautiful in the series.
Second being Robin/Nami.
Shirahoshi is at weird place.