Questions & Mysteries Anyone else feel like quitting manga/anime altogether after OP ends?

Nope.. There will always come new anime, manga, manhwa etc so I don't think I'll stop watching and reading anime and manga even after One Piece ends..
Only read OP JJK and Kingdom atm. Doubt I will read any other manga after they finish. But anime is something I'll always watch probably, with kids of my own in the future. Currently watch some OP episodes with the niece in the weekends
One piece basically is already over with the end of Wano bit yours is a good plan. Anyway there is a lot of stuff which was on par even better then One piece when it was in its prime. Talking about HxH, but these are my tastes.

Your could try that, or even Tower of God, it is a manhwa (korean manga) which seems to be pretty good. Going from your avatar maybe you will like JoJo, I heard there is a new season on the making. There is a lot of stuff you may like but your statement about being too old for this stuff is not wrong too. Actually for me there are not really interesting series anymore still I give a look left and right to stuff I enjoy at least a little.
When will tower of god return? :josad:
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One Piece isn't even the best thing I'm reading, just the most nostalgic.

Black Clover and My Hero are likely also coming to an end soon but there will always be plenty new manga to read/anime to watch. Everything starts off new, just give em a chance. There's no age cap on this either, manga is timeless.

Hopefully SIU's health improves and he finishes Tower of God because that is the best thing I'm reading.
Yeah. TOG is goated. World building is amazing
When will tower of god return? :josad:
I liked that manhwa very much in the beginning.
Rachel betrayal was mind blowing
But it kept going periodically on hiatus and every chapter there was a lot of stuff happening: new characters, new events and relations, new power being introduced. I think I lost track of it, and so interest, a bit after season 1 ended with the above twist.
basically when Bam was reintroduced as a FUG guy, after a bit I lost track, also my favorite character, Rak, was reduced to some kind of dino mascotte with his body miniaturised when he should have been a sort of Vegeta/Zoro for Bam along with Kun.