Anime & Manga Anyone who claims Zoro wins against Law is wrong

Big mom couldn't cancel his attacks with haki, what makes you think zoro will????
Lol, it's ironic to be called mentally ill coming from you.
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KROOM the legendary attack that made Big Meme bleed from her mouth
While Asura Zoro BEFORE AdvCoC can give Yonkos permanent Scars
Best case for Law is that he gets mid diffed
Kaido himself saΓ­d zoro was using advanced CoC and you still had the nerve to write "before CoC" LOL
All the attacks were sneaks
The moment bb touched law s sword with coa
Kroom was shit:milaugh:
TEACH has WAY above average endurance on top of being able to nullify DF powers.

What nullified KROOM was Yami fruit, not CoA.

Zoro ain't making it alive after taking KROOM in his chest, not to mention that law also has strong haki.
He nullified Doc Q's fruit
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He didn't block the attack, he broke the Room with gura gura.

Law was controlling the fight when he was keeping a distance with KROOM ranged attacks, what turned the tide of the fight was gura's power literally breaking the Room law created.
Why would gura block something intangible as kroom
Only haki works that way:milaugh: