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More detailed leaks

Eren wakes up in the Paths and meets Ymir. Ymir and Eren have a debate about whether or not humanity deserves to survive. Eren says that even if the world can be cruel, his friends prove the goodness of humanity in impossible odds, which enrages Ymir, and she wraps him up in chains before striking him with a bolt of lightning. Ymir suddenly collapses, unconscious.

Armin enters the Paths again and confronts Eren at a riverbank. Armin and Eren have a fistfight, which Armin wins, pushing Eren into the water. Eren tells Armin that the only way to win is to kill him, and hands him a knife. Armin refuses to kill Eren and embraces him instead.

Eren takes Armin to paths

Seeing previous events and continuing the conversation with a

looking at the sea Armin hits Eren

After the scene changes, Armin hugs Eren and sits down for a final goodbye.

Armin wakes up and sees Mikasa

Titans have changed back to the way they were, everyone is fine

Levi saw the commander HanJi and others in paths

Jean and Connie saw Sasha smiling in paths

Reiner, mother and son embrace Armin to deal with the endgame

Mikasa takes the head

A few years later

The queen celebrated her birthday with the man behind her, holding the child

The others also grow up and take a boat far away to Lena also sat

In the distance adults Gabi and Falco with the captain in the wheelchair

The birds in the sky flew by

The people on the boat also saw U

I do not know where

Rimikasha under the tree next to the small graves

The bird came and pecked Mikasha's scarf and went away on its wings
The last part might
Ok not sure if these are confirmed but they were posted on the same place I see spoilers every month
Leaks from Zekken
Chapter 139: The Attack Titan
> First page shows the past attack titans getting their future memories
> Scene continues, showing the aftermaths of Eren's beheading by Mikasa
> Mikasa crying then tells Armin that Eren's dead
> Ymir tells mikasa she can fix everything
> Adult mikasa go back in time (don´t know if she really came back)
> Adult mikasa meet Adult eren while they see their infant parts
> Eren apologies to mikasa and sayshe will fix timeline (I guess)
> Scene continues, Eren is in the paths and ask something to Ymir
> The path start to fall apart
> Last page is Adult eren holding himself as a baby, saying you are free
The last line of spoiler might be true, I remember seeing that pic(traced drawing like how we get for OP) but it was removed, so could be fake too.


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The last part might

The last line of spoiler might be true, I remember seeing that pic(traced drawing like how we get for OP) but it was removed, so could be fake too.
Nah these are old leaks

I'll update the with the latest leak. It's most likely true because it's the regular source.
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They've been confirmed

Here's the first pic leak
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