General & Others Are people dissapointed ZKK finally didn't happen?

How did you feel when ZKK didn't happen?

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How would people feel if Luffy doesnt become Pirate King? Buggy might give us an answer to that. I doubt disappointment would cut it.
I still see no point in the fake build-up between samurai and a dragon for it to end like this, without conclusion and then came the slap in the face with narrative - this was a story of how once mighty samurai regained former glory, lol.

The forum was really pressed by ZKK so now they breathe again but seems like everyone is disappointed how Kaido ended.
Predicting Zoro stuff is fun, even if you can count on Oda to do none of it. Zoro as god manifestation of Power itself is hardly a prediction but Zoro as a Ryuma clone is interesting flavor of the month. Also it became enjoyable to see how much Oda can mess the story up.
Brauh you literally went denial mode for weeks .
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ZKK happens when the Kaido clone is revealed
He'll be discount version just like weevil.
@Bil02 storywise I didnt feel any particular way about it not happening . I think if a bit more emphasis was placed on the scar he gave kaido, and some conclusion with the ryuma -fate plot and his character , that would have been just fine but that wasnt given so his involvement on the rooftop felt inconclusive. I can understand why someone would feel he had to go back up there.

But as someone who's read the story for at least 5 years I have come to recognize whatever subplot you think any character is leaning towards having,If it involves taking care of the main villain of the arc where luffy is present, its not happening. I think wano is unique in that I dont think people will have similar expectations again anyway. I certainly dont think anyone thinks he finishes off blackbeard or imu so thats prob done.

That being said, There were some characters on this forum who might have pushed this theory pretty aggressively , having a go at people who disagreed and that really started to come off the wrong way so when it didnt happen , I prob enjoyed it more than I should have because for a while it brought those folks down to earth.but all in all , its neither here nor there. I dont think it was necessary to complete his character arc.
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Wano ended 156 days ago
5.129 months ago
feels longer


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Wano peak was roof top - 5 SNs vs Two yonkous in tag team fits perfectly in the narrative of rise of worstgen.

But oda messed everything up since then....

ZKK was founded on some evidence. It wasn't baseless. Even if ZkK was over reach for some but zoro fighting kaido did make sense.

So yeah wano ending was utter disappointment. Not just because many subplots around zoro left unresolved but also because Oda didn't deliver on other aspects as well like kaido backstory, or fate of BM pirates or BM herself.

While we kept on getting scabbards.

I am disappointed with how massive world building happened and then during execution everything was compromised
Story wise it not happening didn't bother me at all cause luffy was always gonna be the one to defeat and be hero of wano

What bothered me is
  1. Zoro's relationship with hiyori feeling shallow as hell
  2. Zoro never getting his revenge or anything on orochi
  3. Zoro not having any real meaningful relationship with any of the samurai
  4. None of the citizens in the end of the arc really caring about zoro specifically
  5. His connection to the shimotsuki going nowhere (tho i still think it'll eventually get touched upon)
  6. Onimaru barely interacting with him
  7. Not getting to see him go to ryumas grave (well probably see it later)
  8. Don't really like the whole enma plot
  9. Really wished we got a kuina flashback
  10. Orochi having a connection to kuina's death could have been cool
  11. Really wanted a zoro flashback
  12. Kinda wanted king to be ruler of ringo and have some connection to the shimotsuki
  13. Hoped tashigi could have been there
  14. Wished the wss title or mihawk at least was mentioned by anyone
  15. Not wano specific but would have been really fitting i wanted to see zoro fight a strong woman swordsman
  16. Oh also nidai kitetsu
Alot of these complaints are just me and i know its subjective but it's stuff that i personally really wanted to see. Tho i get i should be too upset cause again its just me
17. Zoro being in the land of samurai and not fighting a single samurai (not even a swordsman).