Current Events Are the ZKK believers ready to admit that it’s over?

zkk was never an option. I dont get the allure of Luffy's lacky defeating the strongest man in the world. how gay do yoy have to get off on that. why not just make your own comic about a muscular green naked swordsman who yaoi slays other dudes?
I suggest you to read Thrillerbrak fight. Nightmare Luffy used sword. Expect the unexpected.

I didn't say that will happen for sure. But you guys prepare for that possibility too. :kayneshrug:
I did, luffy had a swordsman shadow in him.:goyea:

Nightmare Luffy was only possible, because he consumed all those power ups. Zombie Ryuma gained all Brooks moves, because he had his shadow, but his body was beyond Brook.


Zoro Worshipper
ZKK can only die when Oda kills it
And that's not happening
Yep, ZKK never died.

The simple notions of Kaido's theme of death being reiterated all that time, Zoro's promise and robust parallels with the Moon, the Prophecy and the Samurai, and the notion that defeating is not always the same concept as killing and Luffy doesn't kill his major opponents plus what you suggest I also suggested in the past about Goda likely having a plan given this new Zoro struggling theme.