Speculations At the end of One Piece which pirates will have 5 billion bounty?!

5 bill guys:
  1. BB
  2. Kid, Law
  3. Buggy if he beat 1 Billion pirate / some kind of that.
    • While Mihawk takes on Yonkou/Admiral,
    • croc againts YC1/2/3.
    • # Buggy cut his part of body into 1 centimeter cubic & only 1 part, no more than that. then goes into the enemy throat to make enemy faint. Then the world see that as "oh, Buggy knock that 1 Bill guy with CoC, So strong!!! Even 1 bill is not worth to him!!! While he is the boss of Mihawk too!!! Mtf, he isnt going to be under 4Bill"
I don't count Zoro as he isnt a captain. Although he deserve it

& I don't give Luffy in the same 'tier' of 5 Bill guys as he will be higher. Off course, speculation.
Luffy 5.629 B
BB 5.47 B
Kid 4.7 B

Law 4.2 B
nah, Oda has kept Luffy, Kid, and Law's bounties comparable so far, even through wano. Its not going to end here.

In elbaf:
Luffy will beat Teach
Kid will beat the red hair pirates(not necessarily shanks)
Law will beat Aokiji

and that will put them above the 5 billion berry mark. After that, Luffy gets a slightly higher bounty for being PK.