Attack On Titan Chapter 134 : In the Depths of Despair

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Oda's accuser
Cool chapter

Humans were really delusion to believe they could take out even a single titan with their weapons, let alone that manies. It's obvious how that was simply a refreshing setting for our heroes to come into play. I will look forward what happens next now.


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
Dope chapter. Let's get the party started . I hope Eren kills everyone for siding with this fucking idiots especially that little bitch who killed Sasha.

You not with Eren you dyin as simple as that.


Lazy is the way
The first part of the chapter is amazing : the death, Historia's baby etc. Feelings are real there.

The "fight" part is weirder. Zeke who appeared from Eren Titan ? Eren titanfighting back but the art was a bit messy, with the titan bones, explosions etc.

Overall good chapter, next one will be one of the key of the end.
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I just caught up with the series this week and the fact I did it when it is about to end feels surreal.

The chapter felt really short and didn't have much dialogue in it but the art (esp. the 1st half) more than made up for it.
I liked how Isayama switched ethnicities in this chapter in what was depicted as all blacks living in London and presumably Europeans/whites in a rural setting lol.

No stone was left unturned in illustrating the desperation of the fleeing citizens and their attempts at doing so being futile.
The cliff scene was only second to the Ramzi one that we got a couple of chapters ago, art wise it was one of the best in the series.

The Marleyan soldiers' speech on regretting their actions was powerful but it's baffling to me how that realization would only strike them now. For a threat carrying repercussions of this magnitude one would think of adopting a more diplomatic approach than resort to just hate mongering for centuries.

I really hope we got more from Eren next chapter. While his motives have been made clear to us for his reasoning behind the genocide, I feel like we've only got the part where he's a slave to the fate shown by the future memories of his attack titan.
Sure, he was shown to be sad for doing all of this during his visit to Marley before, but getting a few monologues from him in the next chapter would be great.

The very people Eren wanted to protect are now here and he's seemingly showing no restrain by welcoming them with a flurry of rocks lol.
Not much to say about the anti-rumbling squad except that Reiner's mom watching him transform was cool. I feel they'll be in huge trouble soon and Annie/Falco will swoop them out of there. Next chapter should be crucial because we'll get more into Eren's stance in all of this.

Extremely excited for the next 4-5 chapters! @Kiwipom Please tag me for the next few chapters too

Edit- An update from Isayama says the story is 1-2% left, so yeah Ch. 138/139 should be the last one definitely
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So 4 chapters (+an eventual epilogue) left.

Eren will kill them all. The world and the alliance.

Rumbling is on London and it's very far from Paradis.

Here is an estimation about how far Rumbling currently extends

Eren will destroy all these cringevengers and go back home see his daughter which is currently in the process of being born


RIP clown from chapter 123 :suresure::josad:

Edit 2:

This double page is kind of unbelievable... it's so horrific and the details

Edit 3:

The audio of the exhibition (about the climax) was chapter 134.

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