Attack on Titan Season 4 - Episodes 19 : Twin Brothers

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Great episode

Hopechads "conspiracy" theory eabout AOE could be true with this episode (but to understand it you have to be up to date with the theory of multiple timelines and the fact anime/manga are 2 distinct timelines)

In this episode we can see (through memory shards) Falco during the manga final battle

  1. As numerous people have pointed out online, all memory shards from this moment are from the past, not the future. Eren can only see the future using Grisha's memories as an intermediary, and he wasn't accessing them when he first entered Paths. Therefore, it stands to reason that the Falco/Slava shard was an event that had already happened
  2. This shard was not in the manga in Eren's first Paths visit. How is this possible? Because in the manga timeline, Eren only has his own lived experiences and those of the "See You Later" timeline from which to draw upon, as the anime timeline has not yet occurred. In the "See You Later" timeline, the Scouts never made it as far as Fort Slava. The Rumbling never happened and Eren ran away with Mikasa. The manga timeline had not reached that point either. Thus, it is impossible for the Falco/Slava shard to have shown up in 120.
  3. Therefore, the Falco/Slava shard as revealed in the anime is an event from the manga timeline, and has already occurred.

The animators had no reason to include this, other than to hint that multiple timelines exist (the fact that we see Gothkasa and Nerd Armin from aot school caste proves it even more (Isayama had said school caste was canon and connected to the main plot))