Attack on Titan Season 4 - Episodes 23 : Sunset

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The animation, realization of the episode is good but the quality of writing becomes bad now. Isayama's fault, not MAPPA's

Tbh guys im out, see ya at the later episode or when aoe is confirmed
Aoe will probably be confirmed in the movie or part 3 (assuming they will make one of them). On the other hand we might get a ton of hopium in the last 2 episodes.

It all depends on how they adapt chapter 123. If Mikasa's answer to "what I am to you?" is different, if this scene is superimposed with Eren/Historia convo then it will mean that AoE is 99.9999% confirmed

Come back for the last 2 episodes. Now we will have a desert crossing with Mong, alliancekeks, moralfags, plot armor ect... Only King Floch can save these disastrous moments.

On Sunday we'll have the pie scene with Vogel im Kafig playing in the background