Aye Waddup tho

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Pain to tha World….
My boi! It's L o g i a here

Didn't expect you to join! Welcome dude
Yo!! My guy wassup wit ya? On some cool shit, I had to join man, Bogard tha homie lol. Lmao I should be welcoming y’all, lol I been knew bout this. I jus procrastinated my joining

:cheers: Jew Already know

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Welcome to the funky fresh forums. Only took you two weeks to finally join

My **** lmfao, we ain’t gone speak on that. Jus know a young ass playa hea now :myman:


Pain to tha World….
Ah, my successor to my old OJ Tyrant title has finally arrived to the new battle grounds.

Let us see if the student can surpass the master. :myman:
I’ve already surpassed you my friend, it was but a matter of time

Awww shit.... another Marco wanker

Jk, welcome man!:cheers:
Can’t wank tha All Time Phenomenal it’s jus facts :sadgrin:

Preciate it man, let tha glorious times commence


~~Surpass Your Limits, Right here, Right now~~
If you know you know, people who was on Discord wit me know who I am lol. If not, or you joined after I changed my name, it’s Yaksha from OJ lol. My **** @Bogard held tha squad down and created this for us so I had to join.

Jus waiting on him to give some juice and make me a Mod now:sadgrin:
Welcome to to WG Yaksha :) good to see you here
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