Will Cross_Marian become a hint provider someday?

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I don’t think so. Most of the German OP Y-tubers are attention seekers with a lot of clickbait. Watch GensoTV, he’s good
The German ones are so clickbaity I don't even watch them. The last video I saw was years ago . The worst one is One Piece Theoretiker, he just makes up shit and sells of off as pRoOf and doesn't seem to read the story properly.
I don't like his game gag which he runs while asking viewers to subscribe but I like his humor.
BDA's analysis I find interesting but sometimes it feels like he is repeating the same points with different wordings.
Yes BDA's analysis is good and i like his personality. I just think that his content got lazy a lot. GLR is not my cup of tea. I just cant watch his videos. I tried to watch other youtubers too i only watch Rogersbase's streams sometimes other than that i dont watch any youtuber. (People told me Sawyer7mage is good too but i didnt watch him.)
Who do you guys like better? BDA Law or GrandLineReview?
I don't watch either
Neither of them brings anything new like a good theory or character analysis
It's just reviewing and repeating things we already know but atleast BDA doesn't try too much to be funny unlike cringe reviews
Ohara, Morj, Kol, the masked man and sometimes tekking are the manga/anime channels that i watch