Will Cross_Marian become a hint provider someday?

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I have completed it recently, it is amazing, and the recent chapters are pure fire 🔥
Great to hear! Yes, and like it's really nice to see now mangaka turn the table over and made things that complicated. But funny thing is that it was always there from the very beginning of series
I mean in first chapters we found out about fact that 7000 years ago World was destroyed. But we learned that time also about fact that Earl loses tjis war. So why then World was destroyed?! While now we know..
Also that part about Allen who is actually more then 50 years old is really crazy. I mean somehow, with someone help?! he dissapeared and then appeared as child.
I'm still waiting explanation, how exactly this Mana and Allen thing worked out, case we knew that Allen was cursed by Mana and turned Mana into Akuma...but right now it seems that Mana didn't die that night. But he lost his memories?!
so yeah. Good written story and characters, prophesy, complicated story(really complicated, that breaks your mind with revelations) and ofc hundreds of hints that was left in earlier chapters that was explaned later, made this story right now as masterpiece, nothing less. While I believe the ending of this story will just confirm that this story is masterpiece.