Will Cross_Marian become a hint provider someday?

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Killer said "Kaido is the strongest pirate in the world". Mihawks fans got heated with "it's just his opinion!!" "Killer never met Mihawk" and my favorite "Mihawk isn't a pirate" lol

So we started the meme that Killer has a PHD in Objective One Piece powerscaling from the great Anti-Wank University :kobeha:

Aaahh it was with @Zara
And you made the meme

Good Times
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Mid. Dont buy into leaker hype.
Raizo chapter
Who wants to join in with me

Calm down cinera promised part 2 titled "I want to become a pet"
Can i make a thread title like

"i wanna insert my foot at these girls' mouth"?

Then make a detailed plot-heavy and character-heavy essay with keypoints etc? Like you know just to balance the voice of this forum's sensual preference:crocusuh:
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