Will Cross_Marian become a hint provider someday?

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I'm not
They're capable of influencing communcation when everyone uses their tech

USA already has this power as we speak, but I don't want another crazy imperialist conqueror. Our big advantage while dealing with america is the language, almost everyone knows English (and for Europeans, the similar cultural origins make it easier for us to understand their actions). China, on the other hand, has a difficult language and the differences between western and Chinese culture is big.

Claiming Almost everyone every speak English is ignorant. Most don't. In fact, you'll find most people that speak English in big cities of countries only.

The Chinese don't have culture, thousands years of culture have been destroyed or rengineered by CCP for progress.

Chinese are neo-Marxists, their beliefs and world view is just the same as average Westerners ie Secularism and Materialism

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Perospero to Big Mom's rescue :kata:
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Maybe no Zoro either. :kuzanshut:
Yeah I was suspecting no Zoro too, Oda's probably gonna milk the mystery of yet another new plot point for who knows how long unfortunately.

Given how late these spoilers are getting, it does seem safe to say there is no Zoro in it and thus no resolving of the Grim Reaper situation unless it turns out to be a gag with Brook or so and the leaker is pissed off about it lol?