Chapter 1041
Title: "Through touching melodies"
- Chapter starts with Zoro falling down unconsciously, but Franky saves him with Strong Right.
- He then reaches the live floor where he meets Chopper. Jinbei with Sanji on his back reunites with them. Brook and Robin with Wing fleur get there too, as well as Nami and Usopp. Robin: "Even though we were scattered on every floor and every inch of this island, none of us has found the Red Poneglyph... That must mean it's still on Wano."
- Izo vs CP0. The tall masked one has been defeated. The other one uses "Rokougan" against Izo, who falls on the floor. Then Marco arrives and sends the CP0 guy flying. Marco vs CP0.
- Orochi in hybrid form with just one snakehead starts screaming and calling both Fukurokuju and Kanjuro for help. Behind him, Hiyori is wielding Ame no Habakiri with blood on her face: "Where are you, big bro? Your sword, your finishing blow!"
-No break next week
This will probably be better than what we'll actually get, the unfortunate truth.
Make sure you this woke when the opposite side floods WG with bait threads entire weak and later advocate for them because they get jumped.

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You’re being hypocritical your damn self
Your clown friend had to bring up Zoro in an attempt to provoke me wjen I’m casually giving Sanji praise
yet you say nothing but you always try to correct sanji fans

Tell your slave boy to quit quoting me @Boiroy
Wait, someone was saying that I'm obsessed with Lanji.

Then I went to @Big D.Kaidos profile and all his comments are related to Zoro.
And it's not normal when you post about him for over two years vs me who's hardly been here for few months

If my nephews turn out to be Zorofans=INSTANT DISOWN

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Imagine being so paper thin sensitive, you have to censor the words Z.olo and L.olo

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My avi is my favorite panel of Zoro and yet I’m listed as a “Zoro Hater” for showing appreciation?

What a weird world we live in

Sanji’s power up is genetic and lied dormant within him like Zoro’s CoC

But Enma is an undeserved power up bc he didn’t learn ryou like luffy, it was just given to him. His other 2 swords are useless and only Enma carried

Zoro’s entire Existence/Lineage consists of serving

Luffy and Sanji are King and Prince…..

I disowned my older twin brother cause he’s a Zolo fan lol

I’m new here and I just want to say that I’m all for Sanji and Jack. I am a firm believer they will dominate in Wano.

Zoro will almost die but Sanji will be the one to save him.

and more

HAHAHAH irony of every Lanjitards