Now seriously, I won't post any hint this week.

My advice is you MUST wait for the pictures this time. You will enjoy MUCH MORE the chapter that way. Read as few Spoilers as possible if you can.

Read the question again, I didn't say that :feelsokeman:

Can I know why u gave it 100/10 what is the thing that made u say oh that's better than everything happened in Arc wano

Bro who is this freezing, glitching, Swollen battery, no sim card, data or storage, constantly overheating, PS2 camera quality having ass phone user on twitter?

Everytime I log on this dude stays speaking on Sanji

How many undercover Sanjifans exist in the world?
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Me @Mummykun and @BillSlipton are some of the only people real enough to tell you how it is, no restraint
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Dude is legit basing a non canon movie’s designs on canon manga material where Sanji doesn’t even have any wings on the back of his outfit…..

He legit spams every new chapter hashtag for attention with some petty Z v S argument which has nothing to do with the chapter…..
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