Will Cross_Marian become a hint provider someday?

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I personally like gigantosaurus a lot too
Definitely the best derived carcharodontosaur out there. I feel bad for you though, Jurassic World is gonna butcher Giga…
Same! I freaking love mosasaurs, and it’s so cool that you have a tooth of it!!!!

btw it’s nice that we have some dinosaur lovers here, I remember I used to have some stupid prehistoric creatures discussion back on reddit, like people insisting Drake is a TRex but PageOne is stronger because Jurassic Park, and that “my favorite marine reptile is megalodon”
I have two spinosaurus teeth and a megalodon tooth too! Good taste in mosasaurs. They’ve been looking so cool in PP

Lmfaooooo. I know what you mean. On Oro Jackson I got into a huge argument with someone who insisted Drake was a t. Rex, ignoring the extra finger.

LMAO I don’t know what’s worse, powerscaling Jurassic park or the Megalodon quote.