East Blue Zoro and Ivankov's nobodies, he didn't say that for Crocodile, Vista and Whitebeard the slash he aimed at
It's amazing how Mihawk only talks trash and flex on weaklings
But when he fights Crocodile and vista
He's told to shut up and back off, he listens
He quits and postpone duels
Ducks Shanks with bogus excuses "I didn't sign up for this" "I don't fight handicaps"
Do you know what stalling is?
What was Marco goal?
Did he succeed? No

Vista succedes to make Mihawk stop chasing Luffy and quit
Marco didn't stop BM from returning to the dome

Vista stalled Mihawk successfully while Marco stalled a bit and failed
Did Mihawk strike you as someone that wanted to kill Luffy that badly she was far more determined to get to the roof than Mihawk was getting to Luffy.