So you prefer a bounty "hinto"... OK, this time it's not a picture.

None of the new bounties is higher than Big Mom or Kaidou's bounties.
Thank you sir

It is quite logical big mom and kaido to still have bigger bounties.
First it was an alliance that beat the Yonko and that counts for kaido too and second as many fans have said in the past Yonko title is not just about their power but about their actions and armies they have.
BB is the only known pirate with 2DFs, wrecked revolutionary base, killed WB in the end, has so many level 6 prisoners with him and yet his bounty is 2.2bn

bounties are not just based on what you do but also based on experience I guess which is why kaido and bm who were wrecking shit for years are still higher
bb "killed" wb as much as shiryu or lafitte did.