Everyone: Sanji is YC2.
Sanji: Gets bounty higher than every “YC2” and some “YC1”
Everyone: well the captains bounty influences it
Luffys bounty: is lower than every other revealed Yonko with officer bounties (also implying by default that Sanji >> King, Marco if they’re captains bounties inflate)
Maybe yc1821827383 isn’t a good scaling system?

Zoro > Sanji =King/Marco/Queen> katakuri/Jack/Smoothie > Cracker > the rest
Kat is stronger than current Zoro and every other YC1 apart from Ben...
All bounties is affected based on news information. Morgans news can affect character importance and we know that all news dont have to be correct exactly.
Buggy is mysterious guy for marines.
They just know
- He is a old pirate king crew member
- He knows Shanks and he talking with shanks as he want.
- Impel Down main actor
- Has huge crew member

So , if they failed to capture Buggy , Probably , they can declare as a yonkou . For us , joke of course .d