Bro i have been saying this for years. Zoro is top 3 nicest person on the SH. He just gives off tough exterior. Zoro would never decide to leave freaking kids like Sanji in punk hazard.
Yes and that's what I always liked about Zoro's character. He doesn't fake being nice.
When Zoro cares about someone you know it's genuine. Many people are nice to others only because they want to be seen as nice people.
Zoro doesn't care.
Which is why WCI made 0 sense to me. When i read that nonsense nicest person, i thought it was a joke. I remember i had a list of crazy things Sanji did but i can't remember them all i would have to reread the whole story to notice them, but Sanji is eff up. Most of Sanji nice qualities came cause of Zeff. The cooking and not hitting Woman. Oh yea Sanji would let people die to save a woman.
Sanji is an emotionally immature person to some degree. He is a hypocrite, he can't control his emotions and his emotions are extreme. I wouldn't call him f.cked up but he's very "human"/flawed in this regard.

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