-Gorosei ordered Cobra's assassination
-Sabo was framed for it
One of the most popular theories when 956 released
If the people of Alabasta are once again manipulated into fighting for the villains i'm gonna be so mad lmao

Oda loves reusing everything


Imagine the Alabasta soldiers fighting for the WG in the Final War, and Vivi trying to scream to them to stop fighting



One piece 1054 thanks to Weroroncino from worstgen forums:
-Brazil wins the WC against France in the finals 3x0
-Mihawk goes to speak to his son Imu but is blocked by Akainu
-Mihawk says "you were scared to face red hair who is inferior to me you really wanna go?"
-Akainu shits some lava
-Mihawk proceeds then uses some conquerors haki making akainu pass out just to flex
-Imu is revealed to be Heracles'n.
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