Will Cross_Marian become a hint provider someday?

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Idk how they could kill off Odin so early though we still haven’t seen him in the game. Least Thor we know and have seen him in trailers. Damn I wonder how they’re gonna do Surtur as well
His sword was shown in Previous one. Him destroying Asgaurd will be peak animation.
Poor odin and thor.

Thor boss fight >> Odin Boss fight.
I can bet on this. Thor will get more attention.
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Kinda want God of War to wait till PS6 for a new game but an Egypt or Aztec game would be too fucking cool
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I just know the ending is gonna hit like a truck
Asian Mytholgy is good too. More lore comapred to Egyptian or aztec.
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:gonope:sabo captured

:goyea:Sabo caught
Sabo dead
bro Baldur 3 shot The Serpent.. the same serpent that stalemate Thor a while ago

Kratos made easy work of Baldur while tutoring his Kid
We are talking about kratos here. And baldur just was op in game in real lore he wasn't much of a fightre.
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Defo Thor boss fight is gonna be insane. I wanna see what they’re gonna do with Tyr